Why aren’t tv’s just PCs/insane nerd rant


I like smart devices and computers and such but they can get annoying. For instance-

I download a movie on a work computer and put it on my phone. I then watch the movie on my ride home. When I get home I am into the movie but feel silly watching it on the tiny screen so I stream it on my Nexus 7. since I have a 2 minute attention span I pause the movie and check my email, then several websites. I stumble upon some embedded music by an artist I like and when I try to listen to it I am directed to a mobile version of the website on which the song isn’t available. I attempt to access the full website only to discover that I need the flash player and since I am using chrome I need to switch to firefox. I listen to the song but since I cannot leave the browser while it is playing and I have that super short attention span I start playing a game on my phone. Its the same game that I have on my tablet but I’m not as far on the phone as on the tablet and I don’t want to play the same level over again right now then the song ends, now I can play the game on the tablet where I have progressed the furthest. but wait now my wife is home and want to watch the movie I downloaded earlier, now I just have to get the cord I use to output video, put the phone in video output mode then my head explodes and I die.

Complicated dream device


My dream device has always been something that has all of your content because it is basically just one thing that is modular and can be broken down into several different devices. After far too much thought on the subject I finally arrived at the configuration below, a set of devices that work together or rather come together in different configurations to serve different purposes.

phone and game-small


Above you see a phone and a videogame peripheral. The phone does regular phone stuff and the videogame peripheral can be used by itself to control console games but when pair together it becomes its own portable videogame console. The controller part has its own storage and boosts the gaming capabilities of the phone through some unknown technology that doesn’t exist (this is a fantasy device remember) for now lets call it mobile parallel computing or MPC technology.

tv and keyboard-small


This is just a good ol’ fashioned tv with half a laptop stuck in it. This uses that fancy MPC technology. The half laptop part augments the television’s powers and gives it the ability to play console quality videogames.

Also the TV has apps.

tablet and keyboard-small


So finally you can combine a tablet and the half laptop thing…in to a whole laptop thing. At this point I sort of forget what purpose this serves but the theme is that it’s modular so you can get just the TV and the Tablet or just the Phone and the TV and you get the functionality of several devices. Also, the “laptop mode” for lack of a better word, doesn’t close. You just lay the tablet on top when you are done with it…it has magnets.


OK, so that fantasy stuff is cool but I recently escaped from the year 2005 and picked up a TV that I can connect to my computer.



Using a PC on a big screen really highlight how backward and restrictive all these so called smart phones and tablet devices are.  My super complicated and implausible dreams were really just the result of trying to deal with modern smart devices and all their restrictions and artificial limitations.

The worst is the internet. The internet is great for the most part on mobile devices and there are apps for most the parts that don’t work well, but I miss having the internet in one big chunk instead of parceled out in app size bites. Sites like hulu and Netflix have pay-walls and even useful services like dropbox (understandably) don’t sync automatically.

Playing games on a PC really makes me hate consoles because I can play a game then, when I finish, I can actually do something else useful instead of leaving it to sit and take up space until the next time I use it.

After watching Netflix, hulu, hbo go, amazon video, and various video files that I procured through varied means on the TV via the computer It is safe to say that I never want to watch a video any other way unless I’m on a bus or something. There isn’t one device that can perform that task without additional fees let alone on a large screen.

There are just enough things that I really only want to do on a PC that it makes sense  for it to be the hub of what I do and if I just had a good remote desktop client it would smooth over all the rough edges I experience with my motley crew of smart devices movies, games, and other content could be sent remotely from the PC to my devices simplifying the flow of content and saving my head from exploding.



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