Uncanny similarities that will shock you…

Creating a comic and creating an animated video are very different processes. I decided to run down a few of the differences and a few similarities in my recent project. The following images are from scene 2 of dot-EXE.

uncanny-similarities-1I made some changes in this one related to the design of the space ship but other than that it remained largely the same.



This one had to change because whereas in the thumbnail I wanted to show that ships were zooming closely  the finals had to have the ships cut out so I could show them near miss one by one.


The second shot here changed so that the action could flow better and the first image i switched to an inside the ship view to clear up confusion about what had exploded.


The first shot changed to focus on just two of the characters, while the second is practically unchanged.


The first, again I focused on just two of the characters, in the second I felt the action wasn’t going in quite the proper direction to focus on the right characters.


This is the same case as the previous shots. direction change to change the emphasis.



The first shot stayed the same but for the second I faced the challenge of visualizing a “hyperspace jump” in a way the would make sense in the video.

Now that you know how I got there check out the video below.



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