The kids are back!!!!


The above illustration is a warm up and some visual development for a story I’m developing. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to post character designs and environment designs as well. Also, don’t forget to get “The Gateway To Greatness vol. 1” available now for digitally through Comixology

You can see a step by step of this particular illustration below.


This is the pencil drawing. I wanted to make the image dense but also as clear as possible. I’m telling a story about an alien world and I want to give the viewer as much information about that world as possible but still focus on the characters and their actions/interactions with the world.


The inks are just about separation and creating/keeping a sense of depth. I tried to keep the lines in the background as thin as possible.


From here on things get very simple because color is not my strong suit I drop in flats. I try not to use too many colors and let the strength of the drawing carry the image.


More flats. Separating shapes through color.


Here I have added the lighting, bumped the saturation in areas, and tweaked the color of the line to warm up the image. These are all minor adjustments but they contribute significantly to the image.


I often do the figures last. I also put some lighting on the clouds which I wanted to paint in using the Intuos but my Wacom pad broke and I was forced to paint with the touchpad. Leave a comment to let me know what you think.




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