Some music projects I worked on

I hadn’t drawn much the last year. I did however manage to do a few projects, one of which, involved quite a bit of music making. Ultimately this led to the creation of a music video for valentines day.
But first(as always) I drew some pictures:


I started by drawing a fun little scene, robots, space, the usual stuff.


Colored it quite simply just to differentiate the elements in it.
…and then scene 2:



After that, I thought up a song real quick, recorded/made a beat. Voila:

Bonus Project!!!!
One day while listening to the Sneaker Pimps I was struck by inspiration!!! I heard a 4 bar sample that I just HAD to loop into a beat. Something in the music just called to me
Here it is:

…but in the midst of celebrating my excellent ear for selecting samples from which to create lush beats I stumbled upon  a song I remembered loving, from months ago. My real muse: imitation.

Westside Gunn’s excellent ‘Don’t Trust A Soul”. I basically just found the sample and tried to recreate the beat without realizing what I was doing. Oh well.

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