Sciences of the Realm!

I make up stories. I have stories set in space, the present day, and even an old west story, but I don’t have a fantasy themed story. The following images are the first from a story called “Sciences of the Realm”.

This is the pencil drawing of the main character in “Sciences of the Realm”, Leaf. Leaf’s race of elves live in trees (not those ones!) and practice magics. Leaf himself uses magic in a way that is very different from his kin in that he mixes it with an art that is relatively new to the kingdom, Science!

I completed this illustration somewhat differently than usual but it still started out from a pencil drawing. You may notice some influence from a previous drawing of mine.



I print out the pencil drawing on matte paper and I proceed to paint it in watercolor. Lastly inking over the pencil lines in a very simple way, not really indulging in too much line weight, a somewhat drastic departure for me.



I also tried it out with my traditional method of coloring. I think it also looks nice. This isn’t exactly how I would usually complete an illustration of course because I didn’t ink it at all.



Let me know which you like!!

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