My Mom will like this one!

I really love this latest illustration below. A client wanted me to illustrate a few bible verses and I came up with the concept below for John 3:16. My illustrations are narrative, they are about adventure, and they often have children as their subjects. When I do a job for a client I let them know that, I show them my previous work, and then I pitch the concept.

For the below painting in particular I wanted to emphasize a fathers love for his son so that by contrast the view can think of how much God must love us to give his son for the world.


The thumbnail for this illustration is ridiculously bad so I’ll start out with the pencil drawing.




I wanted to really focus on the sun and the son. I added the animals for reverence.




Then I painted it. I enjoyed making up my own text, I wanted the hand-written look but also a very gothic and intricate feel. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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