my “last drawing”


ThisĀ is a drawing titled “My last Drawing. It is NOT my last drawing. It is a drawing of all my characters from all my stories. I have Branson, London, Stevie and S.T.ef-7 from Random.Access.Machinery (formerly known as dot-EXE). I have the main characters from the eponymously named Carter and the Angel. And I have Vlad and Slim from No More Vampires. There are additional images detailing the coloring process beyond the break.


I start out with flat colors to keep it very simple. This image I used very saturated, very local colors and dropped a unifying overlay on top.


After the flats I added the shadow colors. It adds a bit of depth but I really should have started with the highlights because you don’t really know if you need to add shadow colors until you add highlights. The highlights do so much to round out the forms and balance the picture. I was a bit rusty on this drawing so ill chalk it up to that.


This is the image with the highlights added. I did the highlights a bit differently this time. I selected the area for the highlight then I just modified the brightness and saturation instead of dropping in individual colors. I like how this turned out, but this method doesn’t work as well if the color you are modifying is very dark or very light. Overall my coloring style is very technical and probably unintuitive in comparison to most artists approach. Thanks for reading

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