…More on that later

 I mentioned a while back that I started painting again and that there would be “more on that later” unfortunately later has taken a bit longer than I originally planned.
Guess what though; later has finally arrived!!!!!
This is the finalized version of the image that prompted my glorious return to the world of traditional media. I know, it’s digital, not paint but it is a part of how the journey began.
 This is an album cover I did for my friend P.SO, a very talented rap fellow. This cover was supposed to be for a project he did with 2 Hungry Bros called “feast of legend”, but as you can see if you follow the link they ultimately went another way with the artwork.


P.SO asked me for something that had a watercolor feel. I wasn’t sure what that meant but I said I’d give it a try nonetheless. I have never been able to reconcile my heavily line weight dependent art with the light airy feel of some painted styles. I assume people continue to ask me for that style because they think it’s just a faster version of what I do and presumably will take me less time. In actuality though it is a different way of working that, in addition to being more time consuming for me, I’m generally not very good at.
Anyway. It began like this




As it always does, it started with the pencil drawing. I threw myself into the fur very enthusiastically, struggled as always with foreshortening, and generally didn’t do anything that might lead to a better outcome when I tried to paint the image.




As usual I ended up hating the painted version. The bear with the honey was OK I guessed, but generally I considered this another poor attempt to do a digital painting. Before scraping the experiment and switching to flats though I thought “what If I tried to paint in some highlights?”




Brilliant! With the addition of some very simple highlights I took the image from pure garbage to almost acceptable, which is good enough for me to consider it a success. It took significantly more time than I would have wanted but it wet my appetite for painting and gave me a really cool idea to add gauche highlights to my watercolor (because I always struggle painting light back in).



Baby steps toward painting prowess aside I of course had to add a ton of Photoshop, inking, overlays, texture, Photoshop inking, and more texture to make it a decent image. Nonetheless I had some idea of how to finally try my hand at painting in a way that felt like it could mesh well with the way I work.
More on that later…

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