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Welcome to!

I have been illustrating for a few years now and telling stories with pictures my entire life but I have realized that over the years I have focused my site on showing off the stories that I have been telling with my illustration but I have failed to tell the most important story of them all.

The story of Me. I update the images on the site regularly (if not frequently) and I change the design a little but I have decided to not change the focus as well.  I could like to invite clients and the curious to take a closer more intimate look into my artistic process and myself as a person.

I will feature on this site not only my portfolio but sketches from projects (where possible) story and character ideas, and also, general interests that may not be directly related to my artwork because everything I am informs my artwork. visitors should expect to see and read about artwork, music, technology, and probably robots.

I hope to introduce you to not only my artwork by myself as well. It should be intersting. It may be informative. It could be somewhat offensive.

It will be me.



Oh Anwar,
I knew you were an especially talented artist when I first saw the faces of some of your characters. I love this new website because it shows more of who you are. I have looking for this for a while. Also tears welled up in my eyes and my heart skipped a beat when I saw myself created by you. I know your work will grow and get better over the years. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you at the beginning. Love you so much.
Ms. Priscilla

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