Color version of portrait

I did a cropped, color version of my self portrait. I got a print of the pencil image, modified it slightly to work better as an underpainting, and mounted it on a sturdy piece of illustration board. This technique has been evolving over the past few years and I’m beginning to feel comfortable with it. I have 2 versions of this style currently: watercolor with ink lines over it and now, pencil rendering with watercolor paint overlaid.






I really like it. However, my watercolor painting don’t tend to scan well so this image isn’t a perfect representation of how the physical painting looks. I had to do quite a bit of digital manipulation to get the digital image to look like the painting. Most of the modifications were reducing contrast, and then bringing back the darkest darks by adding an extra layer with just the black and white pencil drawing.
The physical painting is a bit brighter and the colors a bolder (shadows show more of the purple under painting color)

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