Cleanup/inside baseball/nobody cares



I recently have found a much better way to clean my drawings when I scan in inked illustrations. For quite some time when I scanned in inked work I would adjust the levels and then select the white space and the darkest pencil scratchings. I would then adjust the brightness of the pencil and white space so that the pencil disappeared. I thought this would preserve my lines more than just deleting the pencil but I was wrong. My lines had an unnatural pixely look when zoomed in that didn’t affect the final illustration that much but still didn’t look too great

My new way to clean inked drawings is to scan them at 600 dpi, then select white space and pencil as before. Instead of adjusting the brighness of this space, now I just feather the selection by 2 pixels and delete. My lines are now crisp and natural looking.

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