A Picture of Donald Trump

The Donald, hair optional.




I drew this picture for my father. I am typically loathe to give this person any publicity because good or bad, it only gives him more power. Fortunately, I have very few visitors to my site, so writing about Donald Trump here will provide him none of the life sustaining notoriety which utilizes to delude people.

The 45th president of the United States is a fraud. He has an intellect unequal to his office and responsibilities, and he is demonstrably compromised by a foreign power, though possibly not to a legally actionable extent. The current argument raging within our country over these true statements, in which we find ourselves constantly redefining what is acceptable are not fruitful. These conversations revolve around the man himself and as stated previously he derives power from every instance in which his name is mentioned. In the context of fixing our issues Donald Trump is unimportant.

The national conversation has devolved into a deep philosophical debate about an arsonist who has already burned our house down. We feel anger those who told the arsonist we would be away from home, hatred at those who abetted him and talk of the possible benefits of arson. Most of all though, we talk about the arsonist. Constantly.

People voted for Donald Trump not because they are evil, or stupid, or callous, but because the sincerely feel differently about a variety of issues. They voted for the republican, because they are republicans. The odious persona of the republican candidate only served as a smoke screen, distracting his opponents from discussing the actual issues that conservatives have in this country. Conservatives feel very differently about abortion, the relationship between state and federal power, the projection of american might overseas, terrorism and many other issues. If liberals can attempt to understand why people feel differently from them instead of trying to win arguments the country will have obtained the necessary footing to deal with the 45th president.

Our current president does not know how to run a government, and in fact does not know much about how a government even works. It would be quite foolish to think that our country will not reap lasting damaging effects from the mistake of allowing him to be elected. However, whatever comes we will deal with it better if we stop pointing fingers as to how this happened. Barack Obama made excellent points in his speech at the democratic convention in 2004. As good as that speech was though, on of it’s conceits and the most famous quote of that brilliant oratory proved false. There is a blue United States and a red United states of America. If we can understand the aspects of our lives that are fundamentally different, instead of ignoring them it will make the country stronger, and we will outlive our current folly.


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